That’s a wrap!

What else can we say but THANK YOU!!! We tried to put together a fun local show, a show that we would enjoy going to and with the guidance and support of our friends we can chalk it up as a success. We had a minimum that we had in mind to accept as a good job, we set a goal we wanted to hit and in the end it was double what we anticipated.

This started with the bands being on board to play without a guarantee, everyone who walked through the door made sure the bands got paid. We reached out to our friends for help at the door, on sound, setting up and we couldn’t have had things running as smooth corralling bikes and bands without their help. Thank you to our sponsors, the local companies and brands that allowed us to put their name on our event. That stamp of approval helped us spread the word. Everyone sharing the event on FB and IG, I have to tell you, we had the City Of Lake Elsinore shaking, at one point they asked us to please stop promoting the event but by that time it had taken a life of it’s own.

We put all the pieces in place that we could think of leading up to the show but nothing mattered until you started showing up. And showing up! And showing up!! So many of our friends rallied, tons of strangers aka new friends, we had a blast! We have a few ideas to make it more organized if we get the chance to do it again, we had one hell of a good time, THANK YOU!!!


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